DIBELS Data System Features

With the DIBELS Data System, student performance results become powerful reports so you can make data-driven, timely decisions and improve student outcomes.

Benchmark Screening

Full support of benchmark assessment data for DIBELS 8th Edition, DIBELS Prior Editions, and IDEL for universal screening in reading.

Progress Monitoring

Track students' level of performance and rate of improvement by progress monitoring with DIBELS 8th Edition, DIBELS Prior Editions, and IDEL.

Data Protection

As a provider of technology solutions to schools, we are committed to data privacy and security. Learn more

Student Growth

Zones of Growth provides teachers an easy way to set individualized literacy goals, review growth percentiles, and evaluate students' progress.

State Outcomes

Enter outcome measure data with custom cut-points to examine the correlation between assessment scores and performance on your State's chosen achievement test.


District, school and project reports provide immediate feedback for decision making. Class and student reports help identify students who need additional support and monitor response to intervention. View all reports

Instructional Grouping

The Instructional Grouping report creates initial instructional groups and provides an easy to use drag-and-drop interface to adjust groups as needed.

Import and Export Data

Easy-to-use templates for importing user, classroom and student information from other data sources and school systems. Export your data for advanced analysis and archiving.


A variety of professional development resources, assessment materials and other valuable information. View all resources

Customer Care

Free, friendly technical support, self-help resources, and how-to guides. We're here to support you! Contact Us

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